Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What have we been doing all week???

We have been at my mom and dads all this about sums it up in photos what we've been doing! Playing, Playing and more playing! The weather has been really has been a bit rainy the last few days, but the sun broke out for a bit to allow for a little bit of outside time! I got to spend some "fun" time with my best friend, Lynette today! Always a treat....and a little break from the kiddo because she stayed with Lynette's mom while we did some running! She had tons of fun the last few days with the other kids that Sharon babysits for and of course, Olivia (Lynette's little girl). She threw nice fits both days when I tried to take her home! HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL.....we have so many blessings and friendships to be thankful for!

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