Friday, November 27, 2009

FFF- "No Faces"

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Sorry....this week I have " JUST ABOUT NOTHING" for "NO FACES FFF". Now, normally I would have a ton, and I do have a ton, but they are on my external hard drive downstairs since my comptuer crashed, and at the moment I am taking it easy, lying in bed curled up with my cat Smokey, and two little furball that is just too much work for me :-))))

My friend Amanda with "BABY COLE" in her belly at about 20 weeks pregnant! She is due in we need to get new shots soon! I can't wait for the little monkey to arrive!

I hope that each of you had a WONDERFUL Thankgiving and that your extended weekend is great!

I came home to beautiful new wood floors....THANK YOU CHRIS, GABRIEL and MADDY!!! They are super nice, but admit it is taking a bit of getting used to with Lyza slipping all the time and Puppybear Macey trying to round the's a bit comical though!

This evening we will have Thanksgiving with Chris' mom's family...and I am looking forward to that.....WHY??? My little Lia and Lilly are here! YIPPPPEEEE!

Tomorrow we intend to put up all the Christmas stuff, but I have demanded that today be a "do nothing" day since Chris and I have been apart all week, kids have been separated and I have really just missed us all being under one no work, just play for us today!


Kim & Dave said...

Such great pics! Love the one of her walking on the wal!

Hannah said...

Those are great! I love that sweet baby picture...but the picutre of YOUR sweet baby is my fav. I just think she is adorable...that hair, I just LOVE it!!