Thursday, November 19, 2009

Christmas in the air!??? maybe I am jumping the gun on getting my Christmas header back up.....(Thanks Jen)......however, I love this header and the Christmas decor....I couldn't wait to see it back up again!!! We have been busy in the Melvin household with Madisyn going to open gym for basketball, starting indoor soccer and tonight is her Choir Musical! Should be fun!

Lyza has crickets in her ears......or so that is what she tells us every night! She is sooo funny. I think she must have fluid in her ear....wax......or just a slight ear infection and it is popping (thus making it feel like there is crickets in her ears!!)...ha......she is the funniest kiddo! She tells us to listen in her ears...and so we do! She is growing WAY to fast....both of my girls are....I wish I could freeze time!

Last night Chris and I went and bought our hardwood floors for the living room and hallway! I am so excited! He is off work all next week and going to start putting them in on Sunday. I believe my mom or Trish is coming down so I can take Brydon and LaRissa to Chuckie Cheese for their birthday......and of course take Maddy and Lyza too! What fun to have all four grandkids at Chuckie Cheese! I am going to go home with whoever comes down and I will spend the entire week in Shoals with mom and dad......and Lyza too! Madisyn will stay behind due to school and I am sure she will learn a lot about putting in wood floors :-) It is going to be a great Thanksgiving week!!!

This Saturday I am hosting my friend Amanda's baby shower for her new baby boy - Cole- who is to be born in February!! What a fun day that will be!! It is also Brydon's birthday....I hate to miss his party, but hopefully will WAY make it up to him with the Chuckie Cheese adventure!

Hope all is well with you.....have a great week!!


Becky said...

Misty - I Love the Christmas header! It is never too early to get into the Christmas spirit. Hope you have a great baby shower and a great week at "home!" Good luck with the new floors!!

Kim & Dave said...

Your header is beautiful!!! I love getting Chrismas off to a strong start!!!

Isabella's mom said...

i love your pictures!