Sunday, November 8, 2009

Happy....Happy Birthday!

I simply cannot believe my baby is 3 yrs old now! Yep....and I must admit, way spoiled! She always seems to get two birthday parties! This year I had to forego the day at the park due to the weather, so I took her to McDonald's instead. Since it was her birthday, the lady was gracious enough to give her two "My little Ponies".....which she loves. She loves her's funny since I used to like them when I was little! I then took her shopping for a Tinkerbell doll....that is what she said she wanted...somehow we came home with a Snow White doll. She is certainly VERY into her princesses right now! It is so cute to watch her dress up, beg for her princess movies to be put in....then listen to her sing and twirl to all the songs. There is no greater joy than to watch her grow and is amazing! Every day it is something new and she never ceases to amaze me. We ended our day at "Sissy's" basketball game (dance team)......and then dinner, and home to the brownie cake that we made earlier in the day, except I decorated it with princess figureines that she has not stopped playing with! Followed by just a few presents, princess movies.....then bed! What a day...and what a joy she is!

Happy Birthday Sweet Girl......may all your dreams come true!

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