Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Today has been a long day from start to finish! I've been staying up really late catching up on all the laundry and sorting through Christmas gifts! Not to mention making sure the house is spic and span each night before I hit the bed beteween 1-2 am! Then Miss Lyza feels the need to get up at 7 am, which has been working out ok! I get up with her, have a cup of coffee (ok, a cup of sugar and milk with a bit of hot coffee in it)....and then we take off on the excursions of our day! They have been pretty filled this week! Which is good for me to keep busy, but boy, I must admit (I know I'm outta shape), I am SORE!

Today we got ready and were at Walgreens by 9 am! Well....wrong Walgreens, so headed across town to the right Walgreens to pick up a few more pic's that were not in my volleyball packages. So I sat in the van and put all my pic's together, labeled and did my Christmas cards to not only all my girls.....but got the ones done, address, stamped, stickers on and labeled!!! I then headed to the schools to drop off pic's.....then Lyza asked to go to "The Bell" for lunch. So Taco Bell it was. We then headed to the library for "Thomas the Train" movies and books. Her current favorite!

We then had to stop by the Beauty shop where she preceeded to show and tell EVERYONE, "Hey...look at my mermaid, her boobies are HUGE". Thank goodness she's cute and she can make people laugh.....great that I have people in my everyday life with a sense of humor!

As the light was red and turned green she yelled " Come on People, What the Heck are you waiting for, It is Green". Think she's been in the truck with her dad a little too much?? I do think so!

Tomorrow afternoon we are supposed to get sleet/ice/snow mix! I am thinking no school AGAIN for Lyza on Thursday! Which means a day for us in our jammies by the fire with hot cocoa! Macey is supposed to go to the groomer, but if it is nasty out, she'll have to wait til' next week!

Have I mentioned Madisyn will be coming home on the 23rd? Simply cannot wait. I love Christmas with all my kiddos and family under one roof! She also has a winter ball coming up "SnowBall" and has asked me to take her to get a dress.....yep, I jumped on that mother/daughter moment and she'll get that perfect "Snowball" formal dance dress. I also won a mini vacation, so we'll have three days all inclusive to spend with the girls...and with Chris and I alone between Christmas and New Year's! I simply cannot wait to get away with Chris and the girls for a few days! We will have so much fun. I cannot wait for Maddy to see how much I've changed, how much her family has changed, etc!

I am currently reading a book called " God Rest ye Grumpy Scroogeymen". It is pretty funny about a newly married coulple and how they handled all the "newness"....aka how his family did things growing up vs how her family did things growing up! Lots of good quotes in this book also! I will start tomorrow with only blogging a little of what is going on......and several meaning ful quotes each day. I am SOOO a quote person! I find lots of meaning and truth in them....and I hope you will laugh and find some insight yourself on them!

~~ Blessings to your family from Ours ~~~


Beau in for the Varsity Game......

Lyza drinking her drink after her dance....
Kendra coaxing Lyza out onto the gym floor! It didn't take long, and she did well! THANKS Kendra! Lyza really attached to you!

Misty and Christine

Lia, Christine, Lilly, Misty and Lyza ~~~~

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