Thursday, December 23, 2010

"Thoughts for Thursday"

I simply cannot believe it is Thursday already and only a few days until Christmas. This year has seemed to have flown by......and I must admit, most of this year was.....well.....STRESSFUL! However, today....anything but stress is going to get in my way of enjoying this day and the several weeks to come. TODAY IS THE DAY.....we are going to pick Maddy up this afternoon! I cannot a matter of fact, I'm ecstatic about it because I know we have so much packed into the next few weeks, but it is fun, fun, fun family stuff and I am really looking forward to Christmas spent with extended family.......but am really looking forward to our little getaway and just spending time with OUR family!!!

I can't wait to see the looks on the girls faces when they open their gifts, which reminds me I still need to go wrap some. I am one of those crazy women who, whether anyone needs it or not, I shop up until I can seriously no longer walk into a store due to being away at a Christmas party or some other adventure. I'm terrible...and I know it! Today though, I am going to wrap and make those last few minute gifts.....grab a cup of coffee to perk myself and check on my sick niece (LaRissa has pneumonia and asthma....poor girl, I hope he is better by Christmas!!! Brandon has larry-in-gitis (lol) and that is the best gift santa could have gotten me! Just kiddin' Bran, hope you are better soon too!).......and spend some time with Lyza reading, watching movies and just relaxing before we head to Louisville. I have declared today a STRESS FREE day......let's hope and pray it works!

Merry Christmas to you!


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