Saturday, December 18, 2010

St. Nick has come to town.....

After driving through the light display, Lyza had one thing on her mind....Santa's Workshop, where she heard he had been waiting for her! When we arrive she ran and bound through the doors of Santa's Workshop to jump on his lap and greet him immediatly (thank goodness there was no line, and I'm afraid if there had been...the other good boys and girls would have just had to wait, and I would have been one embarrassed Mama!). However, no line and again she beelined it for his lap and jumped up there, quite the difference from last year when her big sister Madisyn had to hold her the whole time!!! She sat on his lap for a great while having her conversation with him, telling him she wanted a kitchen (and he kindly said "I thought so"..thanks Santa, cause I don't think one is arriving here!) along with Barbie Dolls, Mermaids and Thomas the Train toys! It was really cute..I was impressed and it just made Chris and I's night to see her so happy, friendly and giddy!!

I am reminded of a ceramic collectible that I recently saw at a flea market recently! How it caught my eye and how I simply can't get the image out of my head.
It was a display of the nativity, only there was St. Nick kneeling down before the Lord Baby Jesus, with his hat off and paying his respects. How fitting for a Saint to be paying respect to the chosen one. Had it not been so expensive, I may have gotten it just because of the profound effect that it had on me while admiring it, however..the memory will always be etched in my mind.....the image of St. Nick, hat off, kneeling to pay respect to the Chosen One, who is after all "The Reason for the Season".
May you even through the hustle and bustle of this season, through the gift giving and receiving still keep in mind the reason and celebration for this wonderful season. May you hug your loved one tighter, laugh often, love more, speak kinder words and remember to give thanks to God for sending us the perfect baby boy!

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