Monday, December 20, 2010

~Sunday morning....before CHRISTmas ~

The Sunday Service before Christmas is alway a special one! For some reason a mixture of emotions come over, joy, happiness, sadness and many tears! Let's face it.....this time of the year is HARD for many, many people. It is a time of reflection on not only what the season is about, but we are all human and it is even easier to reflect on things that have happened over the past year. Loved ones lost who are no longer with us, the trials and tribulations of the year, obstacles we have had to overcome, health issues for those we love and not knowing what the NEW year may bring, the beginning of new traditions and the loss of old traditions. These are all things that we, as humans, in our human nature tend to think on most. It is not that we are always a negative society of humans, it is just that WE ARE human, and God made us this way. It is ok to be sad, scared, happy, joyous, tearful (happy and sad tears), thankful.....and still at times wondering just WHERE IS GOD when we need him most.

He is still there, and forever will be. In the faces of our children, in the touch of our parents/grandparents, through the smile of a stranger and through uplifting words of the friends we treasure most. Do not despair, my friend, he is always there, even when we feel most alone and most abandoned. We know this because HE has made us this promise.

I am so very thankful for wonderful family and friends.....I love the sparkle in their eyes, the positive tones in their voices and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the glimmer of wonder and excitement in the eyes of my nieces, nephew and daughters during this season. Although as we grow older, Christmas may take on a whole new meaning for us.......but even for a day or two....or weeks, if we choose to feel giddy like children again, there is NOTHING wrong with that! Love comes in many shapes, forms, and with it....make the most of it and this holiday season, make it a point to tell someone in your life exactly what they mean to will mean more than ANY gift could ever buy!

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