Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Back to Blogging.....

So much has been going on. First we had Lyza's birthday...... Chris and I took her out to eat at the Mexican Restaurant for her birthday and then took her shopping! Always a fun day! We had her birthday party the week after her birthday because that is when her big Sister could celebrate with her! She had a great turnout of family and friends at her "swimming" party which was themed in "Buggababies" (aka Ladybugs)! She got lots of nice, fun gifts for her birthday!

Madisyn was home for four days and we enjoyed our time together! We got to go to a basketball game and she got to see all her friends....she spent some time with Allison and then time with family for Lyza's birthday party! She is doing well....I miss her terribly, but our time together is all the more precious now! She will be home at Christmas for an extended period and I cannot wait!!!! She made a trip to the beach (photo below) for her step brothers senior pictures, she earned a trip to New York for school (she just went yesterday and had a lot of fun!), she had an excellent report card, finished up her volleyball season and is now into basketball season! Way to go Maddy.... you do make your mama proud!

Chris and I are doing fine..... we just about don't know what to do with only one kiddo in the house full time! One thing that really kept me going was Madisyn and her friends running nonstop! We are taking life one day at a time....anything more is just to overwhelming!

Christmas is just around the corner...... May you take this time to reflect on the reason for this season! I hope you have only bright, cheery days ahead leading into "The most wonderful time of the year"! Blessings to all!

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Angie said...

Hang in there Misty! Life is full of roller coasters, but you already know that. ;o)