Sunday, December 19, 2010

"What Child is This"

Happy Sunday Morning

I stayed up a bit late last night wondering what I might write/journal on this Blessed Sunday before Christmas. It didn't quite come to me until this morning. I pondered writing about the basketball game yeterday and posting pics, I thought about writing about how thankful I am for my children, husband, nieces, nephew, and other family members....but the topic I chose only seemed to be fitting!

This is, after all, the Sunday when all the cute dresses and frilly socks and bows come out (I know, you are laughing, as Lyza always seems to be dressed this way!), however, I made a vow to Chris last night that we WOULD be up early, we WOULD be ready on time with no argueing, hassling, etc and we would arrive to early service at church ON TIME! So far, I am the only one up....however, coffee is made, all the clothing is laid out and I have high hopes that things will go as planned. The only thing missing is Madisyn, and in order to keep my tradition she will attend Christmas Eve Service with us, and NO, I won't make her wear frilly socks and bows! :-)

What does this Sunday mean? Keep reading!

I realize that going to "Jesus' House" (as Lyza calls it) is not about the frilly socks, bows and cute dresses/clothing. "Mary wrapped the first Present", and she didn't wrap him in frilly socks and bows, and I personally think Christ might have taken offense to this since he was a wrapped HIM in swaddling clothes (rags and garments) and laid him in a manger of hay. Can YOU imagine wrapping YOUR child like this and laying YOUR baby in a manger of hay to keep warm? Me either..... What a special King this must have been/is!! However, I see it fit to dress for a KING on such occassion. If we were going to Buckingham Palace to meet the queen I bet we would have on our best attire...or even if we were going to meet a RockStar or why not put on our best on this day and HONOR the baby in the manger, who is OUR KING JESUS CHRIST.

"What Child is This"?
HE was created of a mother whom HE created. HE was carried by hands that HE formed. He cried in the manger in worldless infancy, HE the WORD, without whom all human eloquence is mute.

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Gardenia said...

a beautiful post. thanks for sharing. Merry Christmas!