Monday, December 13, 2010

"It's beginning to LOOK and FEEL a lot like Christmas"

It is beginning to not only look, but FEEL like Christmas. To be honest I wasn't sure I was really going to be in the mood this year, or feel up to it. WRONG!

First of all we had the "Wade" Family Christmas this weekend on My mother in law Ginny's side of the family! I hated we could not stay as long as we would have liked (Lyza was dancing at the Central Basketball game, another post!). Aunt Darlene (probaby with some help) did an awesome job of decorating and made the night feel so very special! She had the tables decorated in the shape of a cross....she had wooden name cut outs in our last names (she did these herself...way to go! We are going to stain ours for our living room), She made a wonderful speech, and so did my mother in law. I think we were all there, including our cousins Rebekah and Matt STRAIGHT from the hospital with their newborn bundle of Joy, Ella Jo...only two days old! It was great to see all the cousins, see how our little ones had grown and see our Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents! On each plate was a laminated name card with our names and the meaning of our name. Scattered on the tables were laminate cards with meaningful scriptures. Wonderful Job Darlene and was VERY much appreciated and put the meaning of Christmas right where it should be....on our Savior being born and what his life cost to SAVE US from eternal death. AMAZING LOVE.....what true examples the Wade Family is of God's Amazing Love. A wonderful dinner was had by all....some wonderful music by Aunt Crystal and Uncle Bill and I heard some really cute games after we left! It is my hope and wish that every family could stop to reflect the season in this way! Family, Health and Happiness truly are the greatest gifts. Sometimes you don't realize that until parts are taken away. This year, I will/do realize this and will be eternally grateful for probably the first time ever REALLY getting this!

Best time of all???? Being with my sweet nieces, wonderful sister in law Christine and Brian! (I love the beard Brian....even though we are the exact same age, it made me feel a bit younger :-) You look very distinguished and I am thankful for the family you created for me to enjoy so very much!)

Sunday we took Lyza to see "Tangled" courtesy of Chris' work (Toyota). I will save that for a later post! I really want to just focus on our family in this post! We also headed to the "Melvins" for some more fellowship and fun! It was a little short lived because we got SNOW SNOW SNOW and more SNOW....but it was beautiful to look out Zane's huge windows and see the snow fall. Time spent with Nanna is always precious and I captured some great photos for her (and us). What a wonderful woman she is....and what a wonderful family she created (as she states when she looks around at all our kiddos......"And I created this mess"....yes, Nanna, you did.....and for that I am grateful and grateful to be a part of it! I cannot share all the pic' they will be Christmas gifts.

Chris and I headed home in the snow, What a Wonderland! We spent the day inside, ordered in pizza and were just "us", which was wonderful! I am blessed, I can't say it enough!

My dearest friend Jennifer is giving me a "Winter Blog"....I can't wait. She is so talented and can read me like a book! We have much the same taste, so anything and everything she creates is wonderful! I can't wait to see it and show it off Jen ( . Thank you with every fiber of my being for being there for me, for seeing me through some of my darkest days. Your wit, wisdom and charm make me smile more than you know! Sometimes we are lucky enough to have many friends (I am blessed there!), but even luckier to find those very few and far between friends who love us for exactly who we are.....faults and all!

Blessings to each of you!


Brian, Nanna, and Christopher

Miss Lyza Christyne Anay

Lilly Grace (not happy)

Lilly Grace (Happy)

Aunt Misty and her Goofy Lia

"Melvin" wood block made by Aunt Darlene

"Our Family Tree"

Mama and her Goofy Lyza ....(ya think it is the age with these girls?)

Uncle Brian, Lilly and Lyza

Aunt Crystal, Uncle Bill with Lyza and Lia watching on


Matt, Sarah, Maverick and Madeline

Lia Justine

This is truly Chris' niece....look at her stuffing in that roll! :-)

Brian and Christopher

Sarah and Misty

Baby Ella Jo - 2 days old....straight from the hospital!

Lia and Mommy

Beautiful Blue Eyed Madeline

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