Monday, December 27, 2010

Write it down...Memories are all that's left!

We left exactly on time this morning, as planned! We were ALL very tired and we all (except the driver) slept most of the way. When the girls did wake up they asked for the, drinks, and movies......and a bathroom break. We all got this, then went about our own business. Me....falling back asleep...the girls onto their disney movies! This new dual- DVD player for the van was ONE AWESOME IDEA Mama Misty!!!! It worked out very well, and even better at bedtime when a certain 4 yr old went to bed before a certain 14 yr old!!

Our cabin is beautiful. It has three stories! Top level is a bedroom and bathroom for the girls. Second floor is the living room, fireplace, kitchen, laundry room and another bathroom plus an outdoor hot tub. All levels have their own balcony, but it is the second level I'd love to have the master suite on. However, the master suite has a jacuzzi tub that is huge, so I cannot and will not complain. It has been a great source of entertainment for Lyza she LOVES to take baths....especially in BIG bathtubs! :-) I let her bring all her toy animals and such just for this occassion.

We played the WII most of the night..... We played a new sports game, Michael Jackson (yeah baby! I rock!) and Wheel of Fortune.....which I am also awesome at, I just have to learn to quit blurting out the answers....especially when it is not my turn! (Whoops)

We had a fun, full family day that seem to be even more jam packed tomorrow. Hopefully I will be able to blog and get some great photos on here! We are supposed to get more snow tonight in this already winter wonderland! I'm not going to complain cause I am stuck here with my three most favorite people in the world.......what a joy they are. I am so very, very blessed. They make me laugh, cry, look stupid, and laugh again......

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