Friday, December 24, 2010

F.F.F - "U PICK"

"Favorite Foto Friday - "U Pick Theme""
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Today I just chose many of the photos that were taken over the last few days! Today we will be going to "Pump it Up Inflatables" to bounce around with Santa, then heading over to Chris' fathers side of the family for another small gathering, then to the Christmas Eve Worship Service at 4 pm (yes, I get to doll both girls up...however, I did promise in a previous post, I will NOT make Madisyn wear frilly socks. We will then go straight from there to Chris' stepfathers side of the family for Christmas! That is a lot of running to do tomorrow and I simply cannnot wait to spend some "fun" time with JUST our family....and then also with both paternal sides of the family which will be really fun! I love family time gathered telling stories of Christmas' Pasts....or what our New and Upcoming Year may hold for us!

Then of course, CHRISTmas Morning! We will do gifts here, have Chris' famous pancake breakfast....get dressed and head up to my Mom and Dads where the CHAOS begins. You have not seen Christmas Family Chaos until you have entered the "McKibben Home". I got mom and dad a plaque for Christmas a few year ago that said "We put the FUN in DysFUNctional"......don't know about that, but dysfunctional we are and we have a blast being that way!

Tomorrow I will post pic's from the day, and also of the family gatherings.....I am also going to tell of some "favorite" and "not so favorite" traditions. Nonetheles we get a VERY good laugh out of some of them! (Hey, I'd feel a bit sorry for my daddy.....but he gets what he deserves), and I will stop at that!!



Lyza and Madisyn
Lyza and Madisyn - it was a loong ride home!

Miss Lyza posing for mama!

Lyza learning to take snapshot with my camera..Not to bad for a 4 year old!

Lyza and Mommy - she is finally into take pictures of herself and of us together!!!

Miss Lyza Making Christmas Gifts....hope the recipients aren't PEEKING!

Lyza painting first thing in the morning! Check out that hair!!!

Lyza being silly after picking Madisyn up in Louiville!

The oldest "Princess" with braces :-)))) She's always beautful to her mother!

Yes.....Even PuppyBear Macey has her own Chritmas Blanket.....

DADDY driving.....ummm, keep your eye on the road!!!!

The Mother....anxiously awaiting to go fetch Madisyn!

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Hannah said...

Somehow I missed your post over the holiday. I hope you had a great Christmas and your trip looks fun! We are near Louisville Ky so you might have passed right by us :)

Happy New Year!