Monday, August 8, 2011

Summer Lovin'

Summer has gone by way to fast! We have seemed to be so busy..... and with me working now I am trying to adjust to what life is really like as a working girl! It certainly takes up more of my time...but that is less time I have to sit around and worry! For that, I am thankful! Madisyn has kept busy with friends this summer and we have been doing many things to keep busy...even if it is just TV, a movie or hanging out here at home. I tend to want to "savor" the moments with my girls these days...vs being on the run and so busy. These girls keep me entertained, that is for sure! I've never seen kids fight so much with such an age difference. It makes my heart happy to see them interacting as normal sisters though :-) We took a little break this weekend and went away for a night. Not far, but we were away. We enjoyed eating at the hotel, swimming, watching TV, playing cards and reading. Chris was exhausted from his 5K, but we made the most of it anyway. He woke up about 4 am and I had only slept an hour (gotta love insomnia!) and so we went to the lobby and played rummy for awhile!

I am missing my friends. I was so used to having all this time on my hands to sit and chat/converse...and well, now all that free time is gone! my long lost friends out there, I haven't forgotten you, I miss you and promise to get back in the swing of things after this weekend. Truly I haven't enjoyed near as much outdoors time this summer as I have in the past. Why? Tooooo darn hot. I am not cut out for this heat after gaining weight (yes, I am going to the gym every day now and starting to watch what I eat!). I am so ready for fall and winter. I never thought I would say that...but I'm saying it!

I hope to keep this updated more often.....I promise to do better staring next week! (Like how I already procrastinated there?)

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