Monday, August 29, 2011

"You are my Sunshine"

Please say a little prayer for my niece LaRissa Breanne....she was hospitalized today with Pneumonia and a Kidney Infection. Other tests are pending! I love living a little ways away, but in cases like this I do not like it at all.....I want to be there for my most favorite little people! Hugs and Kisses Ris! ~~ Auntie M

This little girl is a golden ray of sunshine! If you saw her video below, you already know that! She seems to have really grown in the last several months. Such a drama queen, using her imagination, and just growing. You can stop growing Lyza....didn't you hear me the first time? Is your hearing broke?! LOL!

I would love to say not much new is going on with us....however, it is! Not in a good way. I will not post now, as with most of my posts I believe there is a time of it's own to post things of that nature. Just pray for our family is all I ask. We are going through some tough times.....but I will be ok! I'm happy, I have some things to look forward to, I have good friends, I have wonderful daughters, lots of family support.....and I have Faith, I Believe all things happen for a reason, and I have God. I am B.L.E.S.S.E.D !

Kristie and I

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