Monday, August 22, 2011

Photo updates of my whacky kiddos!

Anyone else seem to have this problem??? My kids seem to grow overnight! Acckkk!

We had a great summer, but it went by far to quick and I felt like I didn't get to see near as much of Madisyn as I would have liked....well, I know I didn't! She's 15 now, going to be a Sophomore! Where does the time go? I wish I could put her back at about age 3 and keep her there! She has grown into a beautiful, smart, talented young lady with good morals....but that still doesn't keep a mama from wanting her "babies" to stay little!

Lyza: Well...where do I start with that child? She is something else. She can make up stories out of the blue and they really seem believable. I just have to laugh. She can memorize any song on the radio (some not so good), so I have reverted to going to the library to get age appropriate ones so she isn't listening to Maddy's all the time. She is a tattle tale...gets her in trouble in school a lot. She is in Pre-K now....seems to love it and since I am there, I can check up on her when I wish....which is nice. She has made friends.....she talks about them constantly and I can tell you anything and everything her teacher says in a day.....she memorizes and comes home to play "school" and shells out her entire day on her stuffed animals! She's a wild one with a ton of energy....but what an awesome kiddo!

Let me leave you with this quote!

"I hope you realize your life is truly your belongs to you. It is your story to write with love. Day by day, line by line....write it well"

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