Thursday, April 9, 2009

Haircut and Happenings.....

Madisyn made it to her first practice on Tues and got waylaid by a bigger girl....put her out of commission and her one knee is double the size of the other. She is in a knee brace, we go back to the dr. tomorrow and go from there! Put a damper on her track, dance and remainder of soccer this week! Always something!!!

Lyza got a hair cut this morning. I have been toying with the idea of taking her to a professional, it was just getting out of hand and no matter how meticulous I kept was just out of control. SO, although I made an appt. for tomorrow, I asked a beautician friend just what to do and.....I did it myself!! I can actually get a large comb through it when wet.....You can't tell that much of a difference probably, but you REALLY can tell a difference in the back, where the bald spot used to be! It's a change for me anyway because I am the one who does the hair every day.

I am slowly getting out of my lingeringing sickness. I didn't think this was EVER going to pass. I go to the dr. tomorrow.....and hopefully can get back on track. My house is a mess and it really shows that I have stayed in bed ALL week! Oh well......such is life! Just where is that dern Fairy GodMother when ya need her??? I really could have used a maid/babysitter this week!!!!

This weekend we are going to my parents for the whole weekend. I hope it turns out to be nice so we can enjoy the outdoors! I'm looking forward to the time with Chris (my mom is a great babysitter!!!:-).....and watching all the kiddos hunt eggs! Should be fun! Looking forward to spending some time with extended family also! (DUSTY).

Everyone have a wonderful weekend!


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Vanessa said...

She's still as beautiful as ever~~~ I'm glad to hear you're on the mend!