Friday, April 24, 2009

My Soccer Diva and our Night Visitor!

Here are some photos of my little Soccer Diva! She scored a goal last night and they won their game! She also improved A LOT on her long jump and high jump in track!!! WAY to GO Madisyn! So glad I am back in the swing of things and could go and enjoy watching her play!!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Last night around midnight when I went to let the cats in....this little critter was right on my doorstep waiting to come in too!!! It was so strange....the two cats just jumped right over him and came he was one of them. He looked up at me with that pitiful face...."Why do they get to go in and I don't??"....SO.....I went and got my camera and snapped a few pictures. NO, I did NOT let him in! ha! I know they are mean and nasty...but he was very kind and polite. I sat watching him for about 15 min.....then headed to bed. I think I know the culprit now who has been destroying the cat food container for the outside cats!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Angie said...

How cool! I can't believe it let you get so close and wasn't even phased.

Vanessa said...

Way to go Madelyn!!

Ok being from Louisiana I would definately say he's probably your culprit in deed!! And yes be careful because they can charge you for no reason...just ask my hubby!! LOL!! It does make for a really funny story though!

Jamie said...

How funny!
I can't believe how much energy you guys have. Congrats to Madison. I love the top pic of her and the second to last one of her. Your girls are so photogenic!

Trish said...

At least he wasn't in your basement!