Tuesday, April 7, 2009

As you can see through photos below....my life didn't stop because I was sick. I had to make some very cut/dry decsions about the weekend that I did not like to make....but let's face it...I really only got out of bed once to go to the last performance of Madisyn's Easter Pageant at Church (they had four prior productions). Other photos are of hotel life earlier in the week......Brydon and LaRissa staying over one days (we went to the park, out to lunch, had fun in our own yard, did some photos with the ducks......and had a grand ole' time!). Madisyn started soccer this week....along with track and her ongoing dance at the academy! Thanks to those who helped me out towards the end of the week when I just couldn't hack it!!! Other than that...life went on.....and I paid the price towards the end of the week! I'll have some great photos of my kiddos throughout the week too! I have a dr. appt. tomorrow, so hopefully we will find something out!

Have a great week!

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Vanessa said...

LOVE the picutres!! I hope you're feeling better soon!!