Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Mother/Daughter Date

Madisyn and I JUST finished up a very long mother/daughter very well worth it though.

She cooked us up something to eat (shhh, not sure what it was!) then lit candles in the living room, started a fire and we ate by candelight/candles to "High School Musical III. It was cute, but I must admit....I feel asleep part way through it. What counted is I fell alseep with her in my it was NOT a lost cause. Oh how I hate for these "dates" to be over and replaced by REAL me, I will keep OUR dates as long as possible....even if she is 30 years old I'll make her come over and lay down, do dinner and a movie by candelight!! She's a sweetie.......a growing sweetie I'm afraid, on the verge of 13 at that! I know I must let her go and let her test the waters......test her wings.....but it sure is hard for a mama (and a daddy) to even grasp the concept of what is to come in the years to follow. Cherish your babies....they grow to fast. Plus...I have 2 year old in diapers right behind her! ugggggggggg


Angie said...

Sounds like fun. They do grow way too fast. It saddens me too. :-(

Vanessa said...

She's so sweet in deed!! My son loves to do little things for me and I'm dreading the day it stops!