Saturday, February 26, 2011

♥ ‎30 Day Photo Challenge ♥

♥ ‎30 Day Photo Challenge ♥
Day 1- Photo of yourself and 10 random facts.....
-1. I love my family!
-2. I'm pretty random myself.
-3. I love kiddos.
-4. I just went back to work FULL TIME for the first time in 4 years.
-5. I coach Volleyball.
-6. I LOVE coaching these girls, they bring lots of joy into my life!
-7. I have LOTS of great friends in my life, I am beyond blessed!
-8 I have 4 tattoos.
-9 Yes, my nose has a diamond stud in it!
-10 I will be glad when Karma arrives for some people!

♥ ‎30 Day Photo Challenge ♥
Day 2 - Photo of the person you are closest with....
This honor (or maybe curse to him ;-) goes to DH Christopher. Although I am very close with my mom, my sister in laws and a few close friends...... when it comes down to it, you simply just have to admit you are very blessed to have your spouse as your best friend! I am a very lucky girl.
On FB I am doing a 30 day photo challenge, I am on day two, so I posted the first two days in this blog post. There are some days that are really challenging and look fun, so I am going to post them in both spots, for those of you who may follow me in only one place or the other! I will post them at the end of each blog post daily.
Like my new blog look? It is not totally finished yet, but thank you to my wonderful friend Jennifer for helping me through a rough day yesterday and lifting my spirits with a makeover! She is not all the way finished yet....the footer, sig tag and blog button need to be done still, and I have updated photos to add to my sidebars! I am glad to get some "Spring Like" colors on here and start gearing up for "SpringLike" weather....and I look forward to more days outside vs inside ! Oh how I love the outdoors.....which means camping is just around the corner! Honestly had we not had so much going on lately, we would have already gone by now! Thank you again Jen for the quick makeover..... your makeovers are always so special and you do WONDERFUL work! What talent you have. Visit her at if you are in need of a makeover for your blog!
Miss Lyza is still sick. After feeling very fortunate after our last minute Dr. visit yesterday, being able to report to him she hadn't had any of the big "D".....well, it hit her in the middle of the night and as of 1 pm still contiues. She can't get her little body to the bathroom on time every I was up at 5 am changing sheets, clothing, giving a bath, etc. It's been a tough morning! She isn't eating very well for me either....she's staying hydrated, but just doesn't want to eat, which is WAY out of character for her. I don't know where she stores it all..... she weighed in at only 34 lbs yesterday! She was SUCH a BIG GIRL at the Dr. office yesterday. She rarely has to go to the dr., but when she does....everyone within mile radius knows it! She's a screamer! Yesterday she did everything on cue just as he asked her to do and didn't put up fight over anything, except when he asked her if he could look up his nose she said "No, I really don't want you to do that".... her regular dr. was out of the office and I really think it was because it was a different dr. that she cooperated so well. I may have to look into switching doctors because, WOW, it saved a lot of stress that mommy and daddy are used to when we have to make a Dr. visit! After the day I had yesterday, I was so thankful that this didn't cause added stress on me! So...praying that Baby Lyza gets well SOON! I guess we will stay in tonight, snuggle and perhaps watch a movie with her, read books and play some of her new board games. Maybe we can find something fun, kid friendly at the Redbox tonight!

Have a wonderful Saturday! Sending many blessings your way and hoping that if the sun is not shining outside in your neck of the is still shining in your heart and that a smile is shining upon your face!

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