Thursday, February 10, 2011

What has been going on?

Just way to much, that's what has been going on! (BACK HOME)

First... my grandfather (Poppy) was hospitalized a few weeks ago for pneumonia and then recently transferred to a rehabilitation wing at a nursing home a few towns away. He is not the best patient by any a matter of fact he is the worst patient on this planet and I am not exaggerating.

Second... My mother's PICC line came out of her arm, and she had to go back to have it put in. Except she got all the way to her dr. office and they decide they are not putting it back in, instead they are going to do surgery and put a port in her chest. She has been feeling pretty lousy with many other symptoms of craziness that I won't mention! (sorry mom.....but she whole heartedly admits she is crazy, bless her heart!). In case you don't know, she has Lyme Disease and it is a day by day basis on how you feel and it has some of the strangest, horrifying symptoms I've ever seen. There is no cure, just methods of keeping a patient comfortable. Through her PICC line, now will be port (surgery next week probably) she takes three different medications.

Third.... My 7 yr old niece, LaRissa, went for a dr. appt because she was having trouble breathing, coughing, etc. She had been diagnosed with asthma but they never really told Brandon and Trish what to look for in a full blown asthma attack. Apparantly she was having a series of VERY SERIOUS asthma attacks and they didn't even know it, her oxygen levels were way low and they admitted her to ICU right away. She was in for four days. They tried several times to take her off the oxygen, but she would just start having attacks again and they would have to put her back on oxygen and meds through the IV's. She came home on Sunday, but was still pretty icky and didn't get to go to school on Monday. She is back in school now, and I am very thankful they now know what to look for to get her treatment right away.

Fourth.... Chris and I's GodDaughters grandmother passed away on Sunday, and their mother is a very dear friend. Although I do not know her exact pain of losing her mother, I cannot even imagine being in her shoes with two young Guatecuties who don't understand it all....and on top, losing the person you go to and love most. My sypathies are with them and am praying for them continually. I will be helping out with the girls as much as she needs us to.

Lastly....My nephew went in to have his tonsils removed. He will be there for most of the day unless he doesn't show signs of improvement and then will have to stay the night. The dr. came out after surgery and exclaimed that the "Sex Change Surgery" went very well! LOL ;-)

So....that is what I have been up to? Is that a good enough excuse for you for me not blogging? I caught heck from my best friend Lynette last night. She thought something might be really wrong with me....and now I'm sure I am in trouble since I was home and didn't have time to see her! Next time hun!

Brydon this AM at the hospital. hmmmm, kinda looks like his dad all loopy! (Just kiddin' Bran!...wait, no...I'm not kidding)
LaRissa in ICU....too bad the girl didn't get a darn present while he was in there! And these are just the stuffed animals!!!!!!

Where I had to put Brydon while I was keeping him at moms when LaRissa was in the hosptial! LOL.... just kidding! I think Taylor may have taken this pic.

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