Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We had a wonderful Valentines Weekend!

It started off on Friday, my mother came down and we went to the Ralphie May Comedy Show. WHOA...wasn't expecting SO MUCh language, but ya got to admit, he is a funny, funny man. We actually had to leave a little early because we had to pick Lyza up at 10:30, but we got lost (yes people, I live in this city, but try driving it while trying to hold a converation with your mother) and we ended up there at like 11:15. Funny...... Funny, funny night and times. We both desperatly needed the laughs. This was of course all followed by lunch at Zoup and Dinner at Arbys (we were in a hurry). And some much needed retail therapy shopping. I won't tell you what she made me by! Ugggg

Chris had inisted all week he make our plans for V-day.....and that he did. I won't say exactly where we went or what we did, but we had fun. We were together, we had no kids...we relaxed, we caught up on each other and we laughed..... A LOT! Just by him taking the lead in doing something for me, meant more than any flower, rose, dinner, etc. It was perfect!

On actual V-day we went to Haubs Steak Houe in Haubstadt and we both ate WAY more than we should. I had crab stuffed mushrooms, Cocktail Shrimp (I share!), Crab Stuffed Shrimp, Spinach Strawberry Salad and Strawberry Shortcake! YEAH ME...not the day to diet!!! Chris had Steak, Baked Potato, Salad. And we left fat and happy. I was exhausted after work so we came home and put little miss to bed, and to bed we went ourselves. I was zonked by 9 pm, out cold.

To those who don't know. I started back working full time this week teaching Pre-K. While I love it there currently isn't any structure, discipline, etc. ORgANIZATION...what's that? So....I am doing my best to get these things and protocols in place with the director. My room is cute....but it is a total doggone mess. Way to many toys, games and crap. It should be a school setting so about 60% of it is going to go!! Lots and Lots of back breaking work needs to be done, and the students in my room are pretty darn unruly, I think they are still under the impression I'm a sub......and well, I'm not. They will learn in a few weeks or sooner if I am lucky!!!




I can't wait to see that beautiful smile!

Blessings.....hopefully I can get caught up on a few more things tonight. It is 3:31 am not. I crashed at 7:30 pm last night, so I am going to try and go back to sleep1

Monkey, Monkey, Monkey

Trying to make a bed out of her trampoline (jumpolene) she got for Christmas!

The Princess Crashed Out!

Daddy actually getting kisses from his monkey!

Beau, Ralphie May, Dakota

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