Sunday, February 27, 2011

~~ Sunday ~~

Sunday has rolled around again..... this week much different than last! It is warm out, but very rainy and dreary! I slept in this morning before going to the late service at church! We then tried out the new Mexican Restaurant in our neck of the woods.... it was really good, but Lyza was still mad at us for making her leave church when it was we could have done without the 4 yr old attitude! We then came home with the intentions to take a nap, then head to Walther's for a round of mini golf courtesy of Toyota. Naps were accomplished....however, instead of golf we opted for another movie night. My allergies or something is really getting to me. My eyes are all red and puffy, sore ears (both of them)....and well, the eyes......just watery and making me miserable!

I have this week off work..... due to some "reconstruction" in my classroom..... I hope it goes well and I know this is my last week off for quite some time so I hope to accomplish the following:

**Entire house upstairs - SPRING CLEANED! (hopefully start on downstairs, but I am not making any promises!)

**Paint Lyza's Room

**Shampoo the carpets in the bedrooms

**Steam Mop the hardwoods and Tile

**Take time for myself both days Lyza is in school to find a quiet spot in the church and study while she is in class!

** Help Chris get our driveway loaded with gravel once again this year.

** Spend time with Lyza doing her new Reading DVD's and mastering writing her name (she can do it, but I want to get it done all the way and just right!)

Think I can juggle all that? Hope so! Next Sunday will be spent in my classroom getting it organized to my perfection....and hopefully Saturday afternoon is spent doing somethng fun. I just got Madisyn's airfare booked for Easter and our little vacation booked/done/signed/sealed/delivered! THAT gives me something to look forward to!

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Day 3: Photo of the cast of your favorite TV Show! Mine.... Wednesday Nights, "Modern Family"..... laugh out loud hysterical in my book!

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