Friday, February 18, 2011

My life is complete!

As of today...and this hour, my life is once again complete. I know it will only last for five days, but it is so worth it!!

As you can see, my oldest Princess is home for a short spell.....we have had the most wonderful day and some great laughs! Want to know all we've done today?

9:20 am arrival into Evansville

Home to drop off luggage

Library (for Thomas the Train Movies of course)

Central High School

Target to use giftcards

Washed Chris' truck

Went to get a load of wood

Went to get lunch

Dropped Lyza off at home

Went to the eye dr. and got new glasses for both of us and contacts for me

Went home to change for photo shoot

Photo Shoot

Central High School to see Lauren and Kathy after track

More photos


Home and vegged out in front of the TV


More talking and fun


What a day....and oh so worth it. Tomorrow we are shopping with giftcards at the mall and Walmart (yuck on walmart). Lunch.... Then we have family photos scheduled. I will post those on Sunday....i can't tell you our attire, but I hope it turns out super cute! Then four friends are coming over and we are going to the Central JV and Varisty game at Princeton!!! The girls are staying the night..... then followed with church and a cookout on Sunday! Busy, Busy weekend....but I am not complaining by any all! I do not go back to work until Tuesday, and as the week wore on, it did get much better. Madisyn is going to go in with me tomorrow and help me put up my spring boards and decorations! Should be fun and I really need the help.

I will be sad come Monday evening, but I also know it is only temporary! I am learning to live day by day and soak in all the good....and let the bad go. Some days it is harder than others. I do not want to be a complainer......and so I am trying very hard to stay as positive about life in general as possible! It is good for me, good for my family and good for the soul!

Blessings to all, enjoy a few of the photos I took today. My baby is growing up and although she is a mini me at that age, I think she is much more beautiful. And Lyza, well....she's a comedian, I have no idea what on earth I am going to do with that child or what will become of her! LOL!

Maddy and Lauren!

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