Monday, February 28, 2011 ♥ ‎30 Day Photo Challenge ♥

Have I mentioned lately how ready I am for spring/summer? I'm certain I am ready! We had some pretty awesome thunderboomers last night....and woke up at 2 am to what we thought was someone out in the landscaping, but when we went outside, it was a sign or something that was just getting hammered by the was the weirdest sound and sounded as if it were right out our window, but apparantly it was up the road a bit. The sirens then started going off with hail, rain and straightline winds. I think there was a tornado touchdown in the town just north of us according to the news, but they have not totally confirmed that yet. I LOVE thunderstorms!!! Even when we have to pick up everything that was on our porch- out in our yard! I took some great pic's of all the green sprouts coming up in our landscaping. I even have flower buds on the Easter Lily's. A sure sign spring is around the corner.....and mushroom hunting for all you country folks! My favorite time of the year. When I was in the military I even planned my leave around mushroom season..... Yep, all my fellow airmen thought I was one crazy chick! ;-)
We had a good day yesterday, went to church, lunch out, watched a few movies and just hung out. That is about all this weather is good for! Hanging indoors and creating things to do! I would love to say I got a majority of my cleaning done, but that still hasn't happened. I have a full list of to-do's for this week though..... so taking yesterday and today off for "inclement weather" is ok, I guess! We have our first volleyball meeting downtown tomorrow.... can't wait to see what rules and regulations have changed for this year! Just when I get the knack of the new rules, something seems to change! Last night we let Lyza rent her own movie and she chose the "Wolf Movie"..... "Alpha and Omega". It was really cute, but to those of you who know her well, you know she memorizes movies after only seeing them once....and she acts out whichever part is the main character. we have a little wolf in the house...... again. I say again because she has already gone through a "wolf" phase before. When we taught her about wolves howling at the moon last year, she did that nearly all summer when she would go out at night! ;-) Oh to be a child again!
Tomorrow I will post my spring sprouts and a few pic's of Maddy skiing. They recently got some snow out there and she went skiing for the first time. Looked like she caught on pretty quick, which doesn't surprise me! She catches onto any sport really quick!

♥ ‎30 Day Photo Challenge ♥

Day 4 - A photo of your night!

This about sums up part of my night......we read, lots! So I scattered a few of her favorite books that we read nightly here on her "buggababy" blanket (the one thing she is highly attached to) and gave you a photo of "our night". Posted below are also a few photos of the full moon I took last week! Nothing says "night" more than the moon! Sweet dreams!

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