Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What a GORGEOUS Day!!

"The Story of My Life"......and oh how sweet it is.......

What a gorgeous day! It was spent outside.... all day..... I LOVE spring!

We crammed so much into our afternoon after I went and picked Lyza up from school. Sick or not sick.... I was spending this day with my "sick girl" outside, enjoying the weather! I picked her up from school and we went to "Once Upon a Child" to get her summer wardrobe.... Yep, whole summer wardrobe and I spent just a little over a whopping $50.00. I promised her if she was good in the store, I'd take her to the place that served her "peas", as she kept reqesting. Actually, they are soybeans in the pod from a Japanese restaurant. Their lunch specials are like $6.00 and we share a plate.... so I treated her! She loved the fish tanks and kept calling all the fish "tuna fish", and it was cracking the waiters and others in the restaurant up! She is a funny, funny kiddo! We then went home and got the camera really quick before heading to the park to meet up with some friends! "P" from China just celebrated her 6 months being home! What a treat it was to spend the afternoon with her and her mama at the park! We went down to the lake to "fish".... walked the trails by the railroad tracks in case "Thomas the Train" came by..... and ran in and out of the barns! Fun times for a little girl...... followed by playing at the park on all her favorite "rides"! We then went to the eye dr. to pick up Mommy's new glasses..... Lyza enjoyed trying on some glasses and looked super cute! Followed by the Post Office to mail off a package to Madisyn and my best Friend Jen! We then headed to Target to pick out her Easter Dress.... I let her pick it out this year and will post pic's at a later date. It is all pink, very long in satin and she said it looked like a "Princess Dress"..... thus why she chose it. Funny...she didn't so much like trying it on to show daddy when we got home! We then went to the library because she kept asking for "Beverly Hills Chihuahua"...and we got #1 and #2, plus Toy Story 3, Despicable Me and two Thomas the Train movies (again)! I know.... weird choice of movie for a 4 yr old to be asking for..... but we are gonna watch them and she is gonna love them! :-) We then headed home to wake daddy up for the night and boy did I have one tuckered out little girl. I put her to bed just a little after 8 pm and she was fast asleep when I checked on her 15 min later!

I love days like this..... when I didn't really accomplish much at home in regards to housework and such, but I accomplished so much more!!! Quality time with my four year old! She has been sick, so I feel as if we have been stuck inside a lot! Even though she isn't back at 100%, it was still good to get outside, run around and just enjoy our Mommy/Daughter time! Once again, I love spring and love this weather! Everything feels fresh and new.....plants are starting to pop up....the grass is looking greener (on the ground and in my heart).... and I am once again reminded that each day is a fresh start, a new beginning, a new lease on life. These days I don't take any time that I have with my girls for granted. It is rare and precious... I try to make each moment count!

On another note: I booked Madisyn's airfare to come home for Easter.... that is something to definatly look forward to and we also booked our little vacation to French Lick Waterpark for two days for when she comes home. My mom got us a giftcard for Christmas to use as a family.....and we were just waiting for a time when Madisyn comes home and we had time to plan it. Believe it or not, I haven't been over to French Lick since they got the new hotel, casino, waterpark etc. done! I am really looking forward to it.... as many family members have been and all their photos are great. I figure the end of April everything will be budding and I am sure to get some great photos of the girls then! We plan to bowl, go horseback riding, winery...... well, we are planning to just take EVERYTHING in!!! It really gives me something to look forward to, which I need!

Blessings to you ~~~

30 Day Photo Challenge

Day 5: Photo of your favorite memory!

I chose our wedding....because it was one of the most stress free/care free times in my life! We thoroughly enjoyed this day and our honeymoon with no worries...nothing to fear! What an awesome time in my life!

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