Friday, March 18, 2011

Camping Trip

We went camping for St. Pattys Day. Yep, I use any excuse to get out of this house! It kinda has it's perks and no perks. #1, I want to leave to get out of this house because going by Madisyns empty room kills me. #2 I get to where I am going and bawl because she is not there with us. So I just can't seem to win. It pretty much sucks. Sorry....I have a little bit of my dad in me and I just tell it like it is. Life sucks sometimes. I am trying to stay busy, but even most days that doesn't help. I am off work for Spring Break next week and waiting on my background check to get back to Toyota...the next week I should be back to work full time and I'm hoping that helps!
On a good note we had good weather.... Sunny and 75 degrees....I know that water had to be freezing with Lyza's little feet in it, but as you can tell...she didn't seem to care!

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