Sunday, March 13, 2011

It feels like forever since I've posted. Work has had the best of me.... however, as of tomorrow I will no longer be working at my current job! Long story, that I will only say a lot of things were going on that I just couldn't handle or wanted no part of....and even though I tried to stick it out, Chris really didn't want me to. So.... end of that short career! ;-) I am ok with it...... I had been going to bed by 7 pm each night. I had 23 students by myself with no help. I can't teach that way in that small of a classroom. Just not doable.
Tonight we are getting some much needed R & R! We found that Toyota offered a huge discount at the Drury Inn and Suites that we stay at often..... and we thought a night away, swimming with Lyza, lounging in the hot tub and just being with each other was much needed. So we are enjoying our night.
Below are a few photos of Macey in her St. Patrick's Day Bandana and Bows...she got a haircut this week! Too cute....and since I'm Irish, I love St. Patty's Day!

Miss Lyza posing in her new swimsuit! ;-)

Maddy Moo

Chris and I took in the concert at CFC (our church) that I had gotten him tickets to for Valentines Day. We had a nice relaxing time (aside from the crazy lady next to us.....NEVER fails, Chris always gets beside someone out of control!!!!!)

Jason Gray, one of my favorite Artists (next to Steven Curtis Chapman, who is coming in July, and Matthew West!)

Mark Shultz (we were in the front the crazy lady, so we got noticed a lot! ;-)

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