Friday, March 4, 2011

PreSchool Curriculum

We started on our new preschool curriculum this week. She knows and recognizes all her letters and numbers, and can write her name..... so we are now starting on sight words and sounding out letters. I got the DVD complete set of sight words, the books to go with them and the coloring book as well! She should be set! I didn't think she'd last but a few minutes into this first DVD, but she surprised me and sat through the entire DVD, then asked for it again the next day.
We have done it three days in a row now. I will continue on the first DVD for probably 3 weeks, then move on to the 2nd one. I spoke to the director at our preschool about this series and I think I may use it in my class this summer. I am sharing this DVD set with my friend Jennifer.... so I have to figure out a way to make it work in all three places.... home, work, then pass on to Jen - for baby Gabe. Blessings to everyone this weekend!

We are also working on these workbooks from Kumon. I really like them and Lyza is enjoying them! She loves to get stickers on her work! I make a copy of each page before she does it, so that I can use these in my classroom this summer also! Madisyn may go to work part time this summer where I am working..... and I will probably cut back to part time as well for the summer. I told her she can grade papers for me..... as the kiddos in my room LOVE stickers on their papers also!

Some of Lyza's work.... we've established she can draw lines..... and draw lines from point A to point B! ;-)

Look at that name would ya? Practice makes perfect!

Her first attempt at Dot to Dot with mom's help!

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