Thursday, March 3, 2011

WHAT'S UP?.....♥ 30 Day Photo Challenge ♥

My view of the Sunrise!

What have we been up to? Well....lots of fun stuff since the weather has been soooo nice! I am going to admit first, that I am one WORN OUT MAMA! Insomnia is kicking my butt.... I went two full days with no sleep at all, then last night I did finally fall asleep around 9 pm, but had the strangest dreams (nightmares), had to go to the bathroom a lot, and got a migraine. So...even though I slept some, it was not restful sleep and I think I felt worse when I woke up than when I fell asleep. It is confirmed by doctors I have terrible insomnia...terrible isn't the right word, it is something much, much worse I am certain. The specialists have given me books to read, tips to go by, etc..... even the lifestyle changes have not helped it much. The only thing that the specialist did was actually up my dosage of sleep medicine beyond the actual prescription regulations. I thought for certain insurance would deny this or give me a hard time since this medication is a controlled subsance, they didn't say the slightest thing to me. Denied medication that I needed for my heart, but not a word about controlled medication, weird. Most of you know from previous posts that I went into rehab to get off all the medication they had me on, and I have stayed clean. I don't want to go back on it, but fear this pattern cannot go on....and I'm going to have to go back on it, responsibly of course. I start back to work on Monday, so will decide by then. Over the counter sleep aids do not work for me.... neither does nyquil or anything else that typically may make a person drowsy. It stinks...... wish me luck!

So...Lyza and I have been spending nearly every day at the park and enjoying it! I love this weather.... rain is supposed to move back in soon....... so I am soaking up the outdoors while I can. She was playing "dump trucks" with a little boy today at the park, so pitched a major fit for me when we had to leave. Oh how I hate making her cry like that..... but she was tired, came home and she slept for 3 hrs. Yes...a luxury I still have is she still takes a nice long nap in the afternoons. From all my friends reactions, I am going to assume I am just lucky, as it is not normal for their little ones to still nap!

I haven't quite accomplished all of my to do list for this week..... I've been so tired. I actually hate to see what Lyza's room would look like if I painted it! So... some things are probably just not going to get done, as Chris has to work this weekend and so it is going to be an odd weekend for us, because he'll still be sleeping during the day. That's ok..... I am learning not to fret over what doesn't get done.

I received Lyza's PreSchool Curriculum in the mail a few days ago. When I put the first DVD in, I figured she wouldn't last more than a few minutes on learning these sight words, so was pleasantly surprised when she sat through all of the DVD and then asked the next day to do her "studies" again! LOL.... boy am I in trouble! I am so thankful she likes to learn.... I am really enjoying teaching her and getting her ready for school in a few years! I am going to do a post tomorrow with photos and info on the DVD's, workbooks and reading materials I purchased.

Below are some "Paper Doll" photos. Actually they are "Sticker Dolls" that she got from her GG and Grandpa for Valentines Day. I never even thought she would be interested in something like that...... surprise, you can tell, she is really good at matching up the outfits and stuff! She loves them.... than you GG and Grandpa!

♥ 30 Day Photo Challenge ♥

Day 7: You most treasured possession.

Of course my most treasured possessions are Faith, Family and Friends....the my most treasured possession that I own is my bible. Not just because it is the Bible, but because of who, when, how I acquired it. I received this beautiful pink bible for my High School Graduation from my Uncle Brian and Aunt Vickie. It has been with me through all of my travels, ups and down, ins and outs!

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