Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bad Blogger...... Back to Life!

Above are my beautiful baby girls the day after Madisyn arrived home! Lyza was pretty happy to see her, and likewise, Madisyn happy to see her. They seem to grow so much during the summer......Madisyn is as tall as I am, and Lyza seems so much older! Thanks to my sister in law who kept her while we were away.....she took an hour and actually got a wide toothed comb through her hair! AMAZING! Thanks Mommy Trishie! It has been a crazy summer to say the least....but hopefully things are back on track soon. Madisyn went to high school basketball open gym today, and starts soccer the mommy wagon is back in business again! Running to sports, and I've never been so happy to do it!

These are some pic's of Madisyn and Lyza we got home yesterday....the rest are of the weekend I spent at my mom's last weekend with Brydon, LaRissa, Brandon and Trish. I have more that I took of them to add in another post!

I hope all is well with everyone......and keep praying for our family on your end! We sure do appreciate it!