Tuesday, October 5, 2010

~~~~Lots and Lots Going on!!!!!!

So much going on this week....that is how I like it though, busy, busy, busy.......keeps my mind from wandering about other things! It has been a hard week to, nonetheless. We won both our volleyball games this week and ended our regular season 11-0....UNDEFEATED! Congrats 6th and 7th grade girls! You are awesome and I am SO very glad I got to work with you this year. 8th grade came so close, with only 1 loss for a 10-1 record, which is by far nothing to be ashamed of. Now we practice and get ready for our tourneys. I pray that the "drama" stays low and only positive words and encouragement is shown, along with teamwork, school spirit and being courteous of others!

Secondly we had some birthdays this week! My little sweetpea Olivia from Guatemala turned 2 yrs old. She is the tiniest, sweetest little girl I've ever seen. Seriously, tiny wtih a big attitude. I love it.

Juliana and Amaya's birthdays aren't far apart so we did some celebrating at their house on Sun evening. It was fun...and they loved their gifts. They are growing up WAY, WAY to fast. I want to keep all these Guatecuties little forever!!

Lyza enjoyed her week of school but was put in time out for repeatedly telling two little boys to "shut up". Chris (like his mama') piped up and said it was his fault cause he calls our dogs by names and tell them to "shut up" if they bark.

It has been a long week with some bad family news and worry about my cousin...I worry about my mother with Lyme Disease....I worry about Madisyn even though they hve her with the correct doctors now for her back. ~~ It says in the bible to "Worry about Nothing", easier said than done, but I am really trying to just let nature take it's course. However, all these things are being answered by prayers, as the family member has been transferred facilities where she can get better help, my mother is soon going to see a specialist and I pray Madisyn's trip out here will reassure her that things are fine, happy, normal and all the good things anyone could think of in our household. We miss her and can' t wait to get her home.....and we also can't wait to set that loving example she so much needs from us.

We headed to the pumpkin patch as you can see also. We wanted their great Apple Cider Slushies.....YUM! However, we went ahead and got our pumpkins so we can decorate for fall. THE MOST WONDERFUL TIME OF THE YEAR!!!! Lyza got to cut her first very own pumpkin this year too! I have the picture below, hope you can see her with those little stalk splitters!! We had a great Sunday afternoon! I love fun, lazy Sunday afternoons......all this after church of course where my little one, who is not so little anymore, Victoria was baptized! We have been through thick and thin with their family and PTL we were able to be there for her baptizm!

I hope everyone has a blessed week.....My you feel the love of the Saviors arms wrapped around you in your times of need and comfort. God is good all the time......All the time got is good. This is one promise we know is always kept!

I will leave you with this quote:

"May you see that happiness is found in what you have,

not in striving for what you don't"

~~ Blessings,


Misty and Amaya

Misty and Juliana

Don't quite know what sparked this funny face! Lyza....the girl of MANY faces!

Apple from the Apple Orchard!

Not sure what kinda face this is either, unless that "punkin" was really cold or something!

"The Mommy".......jack of all trades!


Lyza cutting her FIRST "punkin"!!!

Lyza helping Daddy push that heavy cart up that hill!

Daddy and Lyza found and "punkin"

Cool, I don't have to walk....they are gonna pull me up that big hill!

Lyza in the Pumpkins!

Lyza before school pictures last week!

Brydon as "Rocky Balboa" for Halloween........looks like he sucker punched his daddy!

THE Rocky Balboa himself (He won first place in the costume contest!)

My Gorgeous Little Bumble Bee, LaRissa

LaRissa at the HallowFest at Holiday World!!!
Fun Times, Fun Memories

Not sure what is going on here with Hope and Kendra!

.....Misty and Ashley......


TROUBLEMAKERS - Kelsey and Thalia

My crew and I before our game!!

Shelby and Kadi

"Friends Forever"

Miss Lyza serving!

The Coaches....beware, we are really mean and tough! HA, luckily, we have good kids so we don't really have to be!

Ashtyn is a funny, funny girl!!

Ashtyn, Megan, Lauren and Tori! Awesome girls!!!

"Lacey".....another one of my favorites but "shhhhhh, don't tell her"

Misty and Ashley with the 8th Grade Team!
10-1 - Way to go girls!!!! AWESOME SEASON

"Kelsey".....one of the sweetest girls I know (shhhh, don't tell her that)

Misty with 6th and 7th Grade Teams

"JV Lady Bears Volleyball Team.....and Lyza"


My Team!

Lacey, Kelsey, Thalia

Told ya I was the "jack of all trades".....I am a beautician before the games, french braiding hair!

The smallest "Lady Bear"!

Lady Bears Volleyball

Chris and Lauren at the Central V-ball Game

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