Monday, April 30, 2012

Catching up.....

Catching up some!   As many of you know it has been a hectic few weeks with me in the hospital. I will write another post on that later, explaining what is so complicated and the disease and syndrome I have are very hard to explain.  Let's just say they are bad, and now I have found a viral infection of any sort (was told my neurologist that there are 84 types and any type can trigger it bad) in the world I am supposed to stay healthy and not catch anything is beyond me...... quarantine myself?  That's out of the question.... I'm way to social.  So we will just deal with it day by day, but I will post on it soon and give more information.  Very scary time, but thank you all for your prayers and concerns!  (and yes, bills already started arriving today.....eeekkkk)

So...catching up on creek photos, photos from indoor cosmic bowling, swimming/fishing photos, prom photos and just fun photos!   I have A LOT of photo catching up to do...and I'll get there, day by day!

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