Friday, August 28, 2009

Catching up! Madisyn's & Co.....

Lots of catching up to do! These photos are from last weekend...sorry that I am just now getting around to posting! Last weekend Madisyn her first school dance as an 8th grader and then she had a soccer game on Sat. morning, so her two friends stayed overnight on Friday...and AGAIN on Saturday! After the game on Saturday we took them to the local park to hang out, throw frisbee, football, volleyball...shoot some hoops and play at the playground! It was a beauitiful day and so nice to be outside.

Sat night we built a bonfire.....the girls sat around the fire with their laptops??????? Go figure!

Sunday they all headed out around we spent some family time will we this weekend too!!! Soccer game in the morning........GO CUBS!

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