Friday, August 14, 2009

Madisyn has survived her first few days of 8th grade....being in the top spot in the school has it's perks I guess!!

My mama has been her the last two nights...staying to help me disinfect the house and get thins on the mend here. What a week it has been.....first me in with the specialists to do an upper GI and an ultrsound. They found a small mass/tumor near my gallbladder but they are more concerned about this digestive problem I am having. They discovered that anything I eat or drink is nothing going down properly. is just causing what does pass to just sit in there and rot pretty much...and that is what is causing the vomiting. Right now the only thing I have heard is that I will have to take a pill each day for the rest of my life that will help strengthen the muscles. I go back Aug. 20th to a spcialist and they are going to monitor me eating solid foods. I am going to copy and paste what is going on with it is too long for me to sit here and type out again!

Thank you so much for all your prayers, well wishes, calls and offers to help! They are so very much appreciated! Your kindness will not be forgotten!

xoxoxox ~ Misty

Well.....the ER doctor really pushed us off, it was crazy. They ended up giving him an IV and pain meds/muscle relaxer/Valium through his IV, which made him loopy, but still did not take away the pain. It was terrible...he could not hardly walk at all or lift his arms....he just cried from the pain nonstop. That is not like Chris at all. He has been off work all week also. The ER said they would not admit him, they ran several tests and sent him home with five prescriptions. One of the meds was for any/all tickborne diseases and they led us to believe that there were no specific tests to run to check for tick related illnesses. His regular dr called me yesterday afternoon and wanted me to bring him in this morning, as she was not satisfied with what the hospital had done (neither were we!!!). When we got there she looked over the meds, thought it was a terrible combo and she checked everything they had done at the hospital and was not happy that they did not run tests for the ticks but gave him the RX for it. So today she ran all the tests for the different tick illnesses.....THERE ARE SPECIFIC TESTS FOR THAT!!! They set him up with an infectious disease dr. for next week. The same doctor that worked on me the two weeks that I was in the hospital several years ago. So...we are just taking it day by day, hour by hour with him. When it rains it pours!!!! :-))


Vanessa said...

Misty, I'm so behind on blogs and I'm sorry I didn't know about all the illness on your family. My thoughts and prayers will be with each of you!! HUGS and prayers!

Susan Warren said...

Great pictures! Praying for everyone to be well!