Monday, May 3, 2010

The happenings in the week of a BAD Blogger!

To start off the weekend, Madisyn's Dad arrived to visit her! Jay, Donna and Mason picked Madisyn up from school on Friday.....and they had a wonderful weekend in Indiana! It was hard for her to watch them leave....but we all had a great visit and they had a great time! She'll be seeing him again in no time...BECAUSE, school is almost out. This time will fly because of all the upcoming 8th grade end of year activities plus graduation and Holiday World class field trip! Then the day after school is out...Madisyn and I are headed on a road trip to Oklahoma!!! We are going to have so much fun!

Madisyn and Daddy

Madisyn, Jay, Donna, Mason

Well, it has been a LONG few weeks since I have blogged about anything! Life has a way of getting in the way sometimes! are some updates from the past few weeks!

Kids....School....Track....Soccer.....Madisyns family visiting....Friends Visiting....My brother/sister in law and nieces visiting....our Grandfather is in the hospital! That is about it in a nutshell and must confess the Track/Soccer is what has kept us most busy. Most nights, one right after the other!

Madisyn has done great at her soccer games and even got to play "goalie" in her last game....she has never done that before and it was a great experience for her and I think she kinda liked it!!! Her team is still undefeated - GO CHOCOLATE TSNUAMIS!!

Track went very well for her the past few weeks, she placed in every single meet and qualified for City Districts that are to be held this week. I really am so proud of her, she has really pushed herself, passing out spells!

Our grandfather has been in the hospital on and off for over a month now, this time it is pretty bad. They transferred him to St. Mary's here in Evansville, from Mt. Carmel, IL. He's been there for I think almost 2 weeks this time and really having a hard time. It is painful to see him in so much pain....he is a very chatty, very much alive and full of life person, so to see him this way is heartbreaking. Please pray for him, Grandma and the entire family as we deal with this the best we can, no one likes to see a loved on in pain.

Brian, Christine and my beautiful nieces, Lia and Lilly came down this weekend. I didn't get to see them Saturday because I had a sore throat, didn't feel weel and slept the ENTIRE day on Saturday. YUCK. I did get to see them all on Sunday, as we went to the hospital together. The girls are growing so fast, I sure wish they lived closer to their Aunt Misty!!

Madisyn and Mason

Madisyn Soccer


Lyza with an attitude....hmmm, imagine that!

More Attitude


Andon and Luka

Hmmm, think someone was mad??? LOL

Princess Mya

Mya and Misty

Yes....I let each of the kids take a pic! Luka didn't do to bad in this one!

Mya's shot of me!

Gabe's three kiddos: Luka, Anson and Mya

Yes....I do let them jump on the bed!!!


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