Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Track...and Kentucky!

Maddy Moo.....1st Track Meet! Go TMS!

  • What a great weekend we had! Kathy, Lauren, Madisyn and I spent the weekend in Lauren's soccer tournament for travel soccer! Way to go....second place, they were only beaten by a team from Canada! It was a lot of fun and the team did awesome!
    We ran into a bit of chaos when we showed up (Ummm, we left at 5:30 am, and for those of you that know me...I am NOT a morning person!!) Poor Kathy..I tried to stay awake but every time we would start a conversation she'd look over and I'd be zonked out! We all slept on the way there so she had no one but the radio to interact with! Got to the hotel and they had messed up her reservation and we had no room. It was the weekend for "thunder over Louisville" and the "Women of Joy" conference, so no hotels anywhere. I finally found us a Comfort Inn and Suites who would give me the military discount so that she didn't have to pay any more for the room than she had the first room (which they had already charged her for by the way....they had her check in and out on during the week on a previous weird!). Anyway...when I finally found a room at a decent hotel, they gave us a large suite for the right price, but I went up to use the restroom and when I went in, someone elses stuff was in there. I told the lady at the front desk I did not have time to fix it then and there, but gave her my cell. She called me while we were on the field and said that there was a glitch in their computer system but the only room they had left was the presidential suite and since it was their mistake...we got the room for the same price, no upgrade! :-))) Hectic...but worth it! The suite was large enough for Maddy and Lauren to play volleyball in! We spent a lot of time in the pool, hot tub and on the swings outside!!! And of course a lot of time on the soccer fields, in the malls and cracking up!! Good for the soul and spirit!!

    Madisyn had her first track meet tonight and placed 1st in the long jump and second in the 100m sprint! GREAT job..... all the Thompkins gals and guys did a great job!! Congrats to all! Tomorrow night is a "free" night, but track meet and soccer game on Thurs! Should be a long, fun filled night! I also bought Lyza her first tiny soccerball....that has a strap that goes around her waist so she can kick it and not have to chase it (though at this age, I think that is most of the fun, chasing the ball), it is also a good practice ball for Madisyn!

    Blessings to all....until next time....

Madisyn and Lauren in 400 meter relay

Allison, Lauren, Madisyn and Jane

Alex looks a little out of place with all these girls, but I'm sure he was enjoying it!
Alex, Ashley, Cera, Malorie, Emmalee, Rhiannon, Lauren, Chelsea, Madisyn, Lacey, Kelsey

Madz's new #12 necklace :-)

Mama and Madz in KY

Looks like fun to me.....

Even more fun!

Lauren showing off some moves!

Madisyn and Lauren


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I want your pink shirt!
Way to go Madz!!!

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looks like a fun time!