Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"Everyone's Welcome" by Madisyn

"Everyone's Welcome"
"Life- in comparison to a Garden"
~~~Madisyn Kleinfelter

Life is like a garden, it gets overgrown, ugly, takes hard work and becomes dead. The solution is to work at it, tend to it and nourish it. You need to weed it and take out all the bad and ugly things. You need to trim it so you can set limits and goals so that it does not get crazy! You need to plant flowers with bright colors to make it more exciting. You need different types of flowers and plants to make sure everything is different and beautiful in it's own way. You need dark deep soil to keep the plants grounded and rooted. You need an "Everyone's Welcome" sign to let everyone in. Whoever may come in and wreck your garden, welcome them in still. For they need to tend, work and noursh their garden too. Lastly, all you need in your garden is LOVE, for love is the only thing that will keep your garden alive.

This short story was written by my 13 yr old daughter, Madisyn. I have found her writing to be very interesting and enlightening, so I will be sharing some of her short stories over the next few days. This particular one jumped out at me due to the fact that we just planted several beautiful, very vibrant gerber daisys... which are my absolute favorite. The photos of the flowers we planted went perfectly with this short story so I decided to use this particular story with the photos I had just taken of the flowers and the daughter, that so very dearly touch my heart, soul and spirit! Thank you Madisyn for a story well written on your view of "tending to lives....and our gardens"! I love you!

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The Blog Cafe said...

Very well said madz! Can't wait to read thenext one your mom posts!!! Maybe u should pick up the camera too and posts sone shots from your point if view!!
Love ya!!! Great job! Hope u don't mind me sharing your story with friends and family.