Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Camping, Camping, Camping......

I figured I had just better get some of our camping photos on here since my blog was updated today to fit our "camping" lifestyle! Didn't Jen do a fabulous job??? Scroll to the bottom also, our campsite is getting raided, as usual by raccoons! We had an awesome time this last weekend...Madisyn took her friend Allison and they actually played on the beach most of the time being was fun! It was hot out.....and Lyza just helped herself to the water, if she'd had a suit on I am more than sure she would have gone all the way in. There were some swimming, but I didn't really want a sick child! We took lots of walks on the beach and around the lake....played in the sand and water a lot.....went hiking and mushroom hunting. It poured buckets in the a.m., but we were dry and packed up when it let up a bit.

This coming weekend Chris has to work and Madisyn is in a singing competition with her school we won't be camping, but weather permitting we'll be back at it the following weekend!

Blessings to all and I hope you are enjoying this beautiful summer like the spring!

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