Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Madisyn made it home right on time! She loves the new house and the new addition to the family (Rosebud)! We have had dinner, her and Lyza made two desserts for Thanksgiving, showers, and now practicing solos for this Sundays church service! Here is the order of events......
Lyza arriving at the airport with Madisyn's gift!

Lyza patiently waiting!Her plane is here.....and trust me, she let everyone know her sister was on that plane! She was screaming it and everyone was cracking up.....I could have been embarrassed, but i was too happy and just laughed along with them!
And through the terminal she came!
Hugs and Kisses!
Happy Mama' and Daughter!

One very happy mother....who is so Thankful to be sharing this Thanksgiving with my family instead of where I was last year at this time! Although it has been a rough year all the way around, I am a much stronger, happier person because God uses our weaknesses and turns them to strengths!

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