Wednesday, January 18, 2012

All about Caitlin..... ;-)

Caitlin and my Cousin Nicole! You don't see her dressed up soak it in while you can ;-) She's like Maddy.....grudge to glam within minutes!

I am always bragging so much on my kids that I figured it was about time to do a blog post of Caitlin. She is 15 and her favorite sport is basketball, however, she excels at almost any sport she tries. She is agressive and one heck of a hustler! I love watching her play! Her and Madisyn are a month apart in age......but Madisyn is a Sophomore and Caitlin is a Freshman......and they seem to get along really well for the short periods of time we have had them together! Enjoy the photos and I'll do a blog of Cody if he ever lets me take pic's of him! TEENS THESE DAYS! lol!

Homecoming Dance

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Anonymous said...

it is about time for Mysti and Trish blog :-)