Monday, January 16, 2012

Catching up.....this, that and the other!

Happy New Year!

For a year that started out for most of us not on a good note, or the in between of the year was nothing to brag about, it sure ended on a good note, especially me, surrounded by the ones I love most, family and friends!

Special Congrats to Frank and Deidre who got engaged on New Years Eve....thank you for letting Dunnie and I be such a special part of YOUR special night! (even if Frank did sleep with Brydon and Deidre with!). Mom and Dad were in Florida, so Trish and I carried on moms tradition of the annual banging pots and pans......and we didn't even care that we were in Evansville with neighbors.....they seemed to join in pretty easily!!!

It was great to have Madisyn home...and even better that Caitlin came down and Taylor too so they could all hang out. We had Brydon, LaRissa, Asia and Lyza who hung out as well. Lots of Wii dancing, cards and a night full of laughter!!!

Trish, Madisyn, Caitlin, Taylor and I tried to go to the mall to have feathers put in our hair, only to find out the mall closed at 7 pm! We weren't happy,but luckily the townhouse is only 1/2 mile away!

I believe we all had a wonderful time in our own ways.....I know I did and ringing in the new year with all our kiddos (minus Cody) and us.....well, that was just about as much as I could have hoped for.

Sure hated to see Madisyn go....yes, as always I cried like a baby.....always have, probably always will. Simply cannot wait to go out there next week and see not only a basketball game, but her on the homecoming court! Either way, she will always be my gorgeous PRINCESS! Ok....enough bragging on all my kiddos. Pic's of Caitlins Basketball to come next!

Happy New Year to All!

~ Blessings to you during this New Year of 2012~
"Three things in human life are important:
The FIRST is to be kind.
The SECOND is to be kind.
The THIRD is to be kind. "
And just BE YOURSELF, you will find that makes YOU a MUCH Happier Person!

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