Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy 13th Birthday Kelci Sue!!

Dusty and I are cousins, we were very close cousins growing up. We got into a lot of mischief together, which ultimatly led my parents sending me to the Air Force....somehow, Dusty followed me.....NOT as an air force recruit. Someone to just "live" with!!! Oh the days.......So finally Dusty goes home to Indiana from Oklahoma with a little nagging....she was the maid of honor in my soon to be wedding and things get going right on cue. Life could not be better. I called her several weeks after my marriage to tell the family the good news.....before I could even get it out she said "I"M PREGNANT".....not "Oh Misty, your pregnant??".......Oh what a day. Funny looking back at it now Dusty, Amber, Nickie and I were all pregnant at the same time, so we ALL have kiddos turning 13 right around the corners from each other. How blessed are we??? The real kicker was though, I lived in Oklahoma, gained 75 lbs on my tiny 110llb frame (no, I've never been the same)...swollen, miserable just wanting my little Madisyn in my arms forever. On June 5 very early Dusty calls...."I had my baby".....I think I said "Shut up and hung the phone up on her".....No seriously I did rant and rave how it wasn't fair...blah, blah, that I was happy for her because our girls would be so close like we were and how much I wished I were in Indiana to be with her having Kelci and her being there with me when I had Madisyn. You don't get second chances on moments like that, but things were the way they were. I was an Air Force Girl far away from my family and my husbands least we had each other and friends.
I will finish this story up with Madisyn's "baby story" in a few days! Until then I will be without a computer or any spare time, as we are taking 13-13 year old girls to a cabin at a local STATE PARK for two nights! Yeah....hiking, fishing, swimming, cookouts, hillbilly golf, pinata! I love these girls parties and I really do go ALL out on the Birthdays. I'm blessed that Madisyn has a wonderful group of friends!!
Have a Blessed Weekend!

Kelci Sue - We love you and hope to see you in a few days!

They remind me SO much of us when we were "girls"

We're gonna be in a whole lotta trouble in "5" :-) years when these girls can start dating!!

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Susan Warren said...

Beautiful girls! Yep, you will have your hands full in a few years.