Friday, June 12, 2009

Party Time :-)

These photos are of Madisyn and here friends from school. We had 12 show up....a couple were in and out with softball tournaments, etc. They literally ate us out of home and cabin....a couple of times :-) These girls can EAT I'm telling you. Day #1 we checked everything settled in and immediatly, I'm hungry. So we gave them sandwiches....then came the "I'm bored", which I...the mama', does not handle very well. I said get outside, there are a zillion trails, playgrounds, fishing lake, etc. So...once they got started, they were fine. However, they ate nonstop. They went to bed pretty late on Fri night. I had to laugh at Chris, obviously he is not a girl, nor has ever had a 13 year old girl before and not even before midnight he was telling me to go tell them to shut up. I snickered and said, get ear plugs darlin', they are NOT going to shut up. They are 13 and this is a slumber party. Finally when he did tell them......they just used their phones and texted each other....yep, laying right beside each other sending texts. CRAZY! My how times have changed. The next morning he had to take one of the girls up to the gate at 6 am to meet her mom for a softball he went to the store to restock already! HA!

On Saturday we spent the entire day at the pool, aside from going back to the cabin for lunch. It was a pretty good day, aside from the FREEZING pool! We had dinner, took walks, played football and all the camping games we had. On Friday I played 6 games of Volleyball....the knot in my back had had enough, so I finally sat out. The girls were really dedicated and some played even while we were at the pool. We had a nice evening on Saturday night.......stayed up late, got up late....but got on the road only 1/2 hr late........parents all picked up on time, I went and got Lyza from Becky, Juliana and Amaya (read her blog if you haven't already....they had a ton of fun, but certainly were little stinkers!! It is to the right in my favorites "Joys and Blessings". Lyza was happy to see her mama and daddy!!! We left for the second party just about 1/2 hr late also.....with madisyn's surprise guests. I will post those pic's and info tomorrow!

Madisyn's Nana from Wyoming is in town for the I haven't been home much. More shopping, dress rehearsals, dinners, etc. We are going to have a slumber party at the condo on Saturday night....Me, Maddy, My mama, LaRissa, Mary and Madisyn after Madisyn's recital. Should be a lot of fun! Wish LaTrisha could come, but that is her and Chris' I know Chris will enjoy the piece and quiet and Trish will NOT be wanting to spend her birthday with her sister in law and mother in law......can't blame her. Hope Bran takes her someplace nice!

chitty chat tomorrow and will update you with party #2~


The CREW.....most of them! Some were in and out due to softball games or other prior committment activites.....but they had fun nonetheless!!!!

The Crew.......Eating Cake or playing games! FUN times!!

Madisyn doing her sidewalk chalk!

Sidewalk chalk......this mama' knows how to keep them entertained!!! :-)

That's my girls......practicing before practice begins! Always a way to score brownie points with the coach :-)) I played 6 games (yes...I was sore) and they played probably double that! Yay for them!


Most of the girls relaxing a little before the activities began!! What a crew.....they were a good crew though, thank goodness!

Madisyn coming off the slide...first time in the warning on how cold the water was or anything...just plunged in! CRAZY!

Madisyn sporting her new glasses from a friend! Way too cool Maddy!

Madisyn going off the diving board......

Papa Chris taking his turn on the diving board! He's soooo funny! What a great sport he was with all these girls!

Maddy elected Strawberry Pie vs Cake this year! Yum!

Most of our party girls....some were in and out due to ballgames or prior obligations. I don't think I ever got one of the WHOLE gang!

Bodies.....everywhere trying to find a place to sleep!

Ashley.....going down the slide!

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Susan Warren said...

Looks like such fun! That is so funny about the girls texting each other while they were all there together! It sure is a different world now.......