Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day!!

I got this poem that was on a box that had a gift in it for my father! Way to cute not to share with everyone!! How true...and funny!

Meanest Father in the World!

I had the meanest Father in the world.

From my earliest memories, he acted like he knew more than I did.

At dinner, Dad always made me eat all of my food and that included everything green. Mom was not allowed to lift a finger after dinner. I had to do all the dishes, pots and pans, and even clean up the kitchen.

My father insisted on knowing where I was at all times. I had to introduce my Father to all of my friends, and before they could leave, he had to know the names of their parents, their phone numbers and what we would be doing that day.

He also was a slave driver! He made me work around the house - taking out the trash, yard work and even washing the car. Homework had to be done before I could watch TV. I remember Dad yelling at me nightly to "GET OFF THE PHONE!" I was not allowed to accept any phone calls after dinner. He would embarrass me by asnwering late phone calls and telling my friends never to call again so late! I was horrified.

I was a social outcast at school. I wasn't allowed to date until I was 15 and never during the week. None of my friends had a curfew, but Dad made me come home by 11 pm. He always waited for me, so there was no way I could kiss my date good night. The lights were always on outside and inside the house, and I could see my Father lurking inside, waiting for me.

I am trying to teach my own children to be respectful and responsible, and whenever I hear my kids call me mean, I think back on my own wonderful childhood. I thank God for giving me the meanest Father in the world.

The world needs more mean Fathers like mine!!

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Susan Warren said...

That was great! All Fathers should be so mean!