Saturday, July 2, 2011

Crazy Busy- Fun Week!

We have had a crazy busy week at our house! My life is back to normal...and complete! Madisyn arrived home early Tuesday morning. We came home for a short spell, picked Lauren up and dropped Lyza off at PreSchool. From there we headed to get some movies, went and got mani/pedis, lunch at the Japanese Restaurant, to the mall shopping and then to PetSmart to purchase "Diablo"...the newest addition to our family! (A newborn Bearded Dragon). Wednesday Madisyn went to work with me. Thursday she stayed home with Chris and went to see Transformers. My mother arrived late afternoon and Chris fixed a steak dinner and all the fixins, followed by a homeade birthday cake (made by Maddy) for my mom. We ended the night on the 4 wheelers and GoKart and fireworks! Madisyn had some friends over (Allison and Sydney)...they drove Sydney's gokart down from her house. A good time was had by all.

4:30 am on Friday came a bit early.....I had to be at the hospital by 5:30 am for surgery prep. Not a lot of fun. I had a few complications before and during surgery, but I am doing very well now. They were trying to get my heart rhythm back in sync so I wouldn't have so many PVC/PVT's. The spots they had to burn off were in some very tough spots, so after a 5 hr surgery...they had to pull out. They recommended I go to Louisville, St. Louis or Vanderbilt to have a more invasive one done. However, I will wait it out and see if I become symptamatic before going further. I will be off work for the next few weeks but I am looking forward to relaxing at home with the girls. Thank you to everyone for all your prayers and concerns!

Madisyn and "Diablo"

Madisyn bouncing Lyza

Sissy Kisses

Lyza, Madisyn, Lauren

Lauren and Maddy

Lyza Faith

Madisyn at Nagasaki

Madisyn and Lauren at Nagasaki

Maddy and Lyza

My Angels

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