Friday, July 15, 2011


I bet one had might of thought I had sworn off blogging.... not so. With work and two kiddos...and trying to fit everything in I would like to do this summer, let's just say time has been sparse. Work is keeping me busy and I still love going in to my coworkers and little friends each day! Having adult (and little people) interaction has really helped me a lot. I am very thankful for the lives that have crossed my path the past several months. What a blessing!

4th of July we spent at home low key with the neighbors and playing putt putt golf at Walthers. We had a great family day doing that. Lyza got a little frustrated at times, but it was funny to watch! We had a great cookout with ribs (Madisyn's favorite) and then we set off a bunch of fireworks. They were pretty cool and Chris, Madisyn and Lyza did a great job picking them out this year! While I was in the hospital Chris and Madisyn also made it to the horse track to bet on a few horses (isn't that what all daughters and fathers do while their moms are laying in the hospital??? yeah, I didn't think so either!)...but Madisyn won on one of her horses, so she was happy.....and I got to take a 2.5 hr nap, which NEVER happens. So it all worked out. My mom came down and stayed with the girls for the two days I was in the hospital also.....THANKS mama!

I had a heart catherization done a few weeks ago. It was a 5 hr surgery that has actually seemed to help. I, of course, was skeptical and a bit nervous. I'm still bruised and banged up from it, but recovering each day. I am back to work, back to life as normal and back to the gym. We spent last week in Mitchell, IN at Spring Mill. It was super, super hot, but we stayed at the Inn and got to swim a lot and just hang out being silly. Madisyn took two friends (Allison and Lauren) and we had a great time. A few photos are below and many on facebook. We walked around the Pioneer Village and took some dressed up was way hot though and I think (I know I did) we spent more time in or near the creeks than out and about. We really did have a good time. I cashed in early with a very tired Lyza (she got to spend the day with Nonny, Paw, Brydon and LaRissa) while Chris and the girls played games downstairs into the wee hours of the morning. We had lunch at my mom and dads on our way through and my brother and crew were over as well. We had fun riding the four wheelers and spending time in the creeks of Grassy Creek!

Madisyn got to spend time with many of her friends on her first 1/2 of being home. They all went to Walthers one day, then I took them to the new Orange Leaf yogurt place. Madisyn and I ate out WAAAY to much. I was off work for my surgery and it was nice to spend the time with her. She did go to work one day with me also, which was a treat and the gals at work enjoyed getting to meet her.

Lyza had to get a tooth pulled yesterday. It was horrible. I will spare you the details. Broke Chris and I's hearts. She totally didn't understand the concept of the tooth fairy....and didn't want to look under her pillow. When she did she said " is two dollars, I'll put it in my piggy bank". Had it been Madisyn she would have said "What the heck...only two dollars? Ripoff"! LOL!

I hope everyone has been doing well and I apologize for not writing sooner and keeping in touch. I promise to make the effort to do that! It is just Facebook has seemed to take over and I get all my info from there, but I will try and keep both places up to date!!

Blessings ~ Misty

(One week Madisyn will be back again! Countdown is on!)

Madisyn Ronelle

Madisy, Allison, Lauren

Madisyn and Lyza playing Putt Putt Golf

Lyza + Golfclub = DANGER

Madisyn on her Horsey TireSwing

Daddy and Louisa Faith

Babbling Brook

Lyza testing the waters

Silly Girls

Madisyn, Allison, Sydney

LaRissa Breanne (my niece)

Lyza's sad face!

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