Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Ya never know how Hi Low (Hello, Lyza prounces it Hi Low though) kitty is going to be dressed around here. Found the kitty like this on her bed one morning. Underwear for a hate.....but at least she got the bow to match Hello Kitty! I am SO proud! ;-)
Caitlin doing what she does best.... eating and making faces!
My 6 month old Boxer "Rosebud" snoring away (and I mean that literally, she snores VERY loud) as my 8 week old Maltipoo "Wiley" tries to share the bed!
Hair Washing day..... yes you read that right.... ya'll know by now you can't wash this kind of hair every day... so it is a weekly ordeal....and by ordeal I mean still at the age of 5 she screams, kicks, splashes water everywhere and acts like she is dying. DRAMA QUEEN doesn't even begin to describe this bundle of joy!

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