Friday, February 24, 2012

Who Says you Can't go Home?

A lot has happened over the last several months! Life has a way of doing that! I must say, after 18 yrs of being gone..... it feels great to be "home"again! After all... who says you can't go home? I'm here, I'm happy and I am settling in. Although I have been staying in Martin Co. for a few months, the move was official last week. Yes, I am once again a Jug Rox and Lyza has been really proud of that. It is funny, never thought of my little Mayan Princess as a Jug Rox girl! Renovations on the house are going well, everything is moved in and aside from a few bags and boxes all is put away... I will be so happy to get the walls done so that I can start hanging stuff. Ya'll know how I like to decorate! Enjoy the past few months of my life in the photos and captions below....and I promise to start doing better now that I am settling in!

As you can tell, Lyza is adjusting to "country life" just fine. Woods, dirt, bugs, etc are just up her ally! I knew she would do fine! She is enjoying spending time with her cousins as well!

I spent some time with Madisyn in Pennsylvania.... went to her formal SnoBall Dance where she was "Princess" and in the running for "Queen"....she did not win that title but in my book she will always be a princess regardless! We spent time dining out, shopping and a day at Hershey's Chocolate World in Hershey, PA. Oh how I miss that girl!

I got to see Madisyn play some BasketBall! Pretty scrappy girl! I live to watch this kiddo play sports! Very proud of her! Beauty Queen to Tomboy in a heartbeat! Just like her mama!

We celebrated Valentines Day the weekend before Valentines Day (thank goodness with the tradgedy that happened on Vday!). We stayed at a hotel with the kids, went skating (been a loonngg time since I had skated, but I could still do it, Dunnie...not so much! lol! Ashton either!). Did some shopping, out to dinner and a good time was had by all!

My precious "Macey" was killed on Valentines Day. She got hit within 5 min of being outside just right by the driveway. Broke my heart and I cried for days.....still do thinking about it. Thank you Dunnie and Frank for burying her under the tree. It was tough on me.... she was the one of the best pups I had ever had!


Guatmama said...

You are closer than ever for playdates!

Misty McKibben-Melvin said...

I Know Ashley.... and that is a MUST...especially this summer in YOUR pool! Lyza is a waterbug!! Plus...never hurts for us Mamas to catch up too!!!! I'll be over to the workplace to see you soon!